Nico Ordozgoiti

Discover Satanism

—Discover Satanism

Sitges, the world's number one horror & fantasy festival, wanted to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Roman Polanski's disturbing masterpiece, Rosemary's Baby.

But instead of coming up with a conventional campaign, we thought of something a bit different: we created, a fake website for the nicest, most welcoming satanist cult imaginable. A truly unsettling and intriguing argument in favour of Satanism as a perfectly acceptable lifestyle choice, which caused quite a stir in Spain and abroad, but which in reality was a meticulous and extensive work of interactive content, truffled with all kinds of nods and clues about the film, little-known trivia and articles by some of the country’s most prominent directors, journalists and writers.



CdeC 2014 – Gold (Ideas)
CdeC 2014 – Gold (Copywriting)
Laus 2014 – Grand Laus (Creative Advertising)
Laus 2014 – Silver (Creative Advertising)