The Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival is a one of a kind event which celebrates and showcases the best horror and fantasy films in the world, both new releases and classics. 2013 marked the 45th anniversary of Roman Polanski's Rosemary's Baby, whose eery portrait of an apparently normal and homely coven of Satanists inspired us to create the Discover Satanism campaign. We created a mock satanist association, which invited people to discover satanism as a light-hearted, modern alternative to mainstream religions. Via a series of viral ads, a poster campaign and mostly via the association's web (which was in fact filled with hidden homages and references to the movie and the festival), the campaign was initially controversial in Spain and abroad, drawing a lot of attention from the media which turned into traffic for the website, which was in fact a massive resource of horror and fantasy related content and information about the festival itself.

Who: Sitges Film Festival
What: Art Director, Copywriter
When: 2013
Where: China